Saving the Affordable Care Act is important but we must push for Universal Healthcare.

Millions will lose their health insurance if Obamacare is repealed and some will die if their coverage is taken away.  The Better Care and Reconciliation Act is going to fuck people over, including people who voted for Trump.  It’s a major problem that these conservative politicians do not care that sick people will not be treated and that people will die.  See the only thing that the republican party is worried about is giving tax cuts to the wealthy and pleasing the health insurance lobby.  These senators and representatives could care less about their constituents.  Which is why it is so important that we as progressives help educate people on the issues and show everyday people that they are being duped by this republican rhetoric.

To be perfectly clear the ACA is far from perfect. Do you know how I know this? Well it’s because there are still tens of millions of people who do not have health insurance.  In America health insurance is a privilege and if you can’t afford it well then that’s your problem.

That’s the monstrous mentality that our political system has created.  Healthcare must become a right and no longer a privilege.  The cruel opinion of the time is that people don’t want to pay more taxes in order for someone else to be treated when they are in need of care.  In America, many conservatives are great people who want to help the less fortunate… Unless it will cause a rise in their taxes.  You really won’t sacrifice even a little bit so that someone who needs medicine gets it? I don’t know, I cannot wrap my head around it.

Regardless, we must do everything in our power to encourage our senators to vote against a bill that will literally kill people.  You can’t just give these people insurance and then strip it away. What if you were diagnosed with an illness shortly after the ACA went in to effect, you have always had insurance because of it and it has helped you afford your medicine. Then a bunch of politicians who are servants of the wealthy want to take your insurance away from you, making your medicine unaffordable. Think about that. That is sick, disgusting and disturbing.

Call your senators, especially if they are republican and urge them to do the right thing and vote against this bullshit bill. And in the future tell your senators to support medicare for all or a true single payer system. We can give health care to everyone in America in our lifetime. Let’s make it happen!


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