White Terrorism is being exacerbated by Trump and fellow demagogues.

White terrorism and xenophobia are on the rise in the west.  You see it in the news everyday from a white supremacist shooting nine church goers to a white supremacist murdering an immigrant.  It happens and is an enormous threat.

Why are these deplorable things on the rise?  It is because those people on top want to drive a wedge into the working class. They want to divide and conquer.  Rather than attack underlying issues that face the entire working class they want to pit us against one another. The propaganda used by the conservative political machine supports irrationality whether it be anti-science or the irrational fear of the “other”. They use this propaganda to place the blame on immigrants and Muslims for their working class woes. When in actuality the reason for these woes is because a majority of our elected officials do not serve us, they serve their masters: interest groups, lobbyists and corporations.

Conservative media outlets will continue to demonize mexicans, muslims and black people.  Why is there a conservative excuse for every time a cop kills a black teenager?  …they were threatened, they thought they saw a gun, they were nervous and scared…  A teenager with a gun in their face is suppose to remain calm or risk being shot, while a cop can shoot for no damn reason other than they were nervous. Something is broken.  There is an underlying fear of the fabricated “other”.  Just like the media portrays Muslims as terrorists, the media continually paints a picture of black people as being threatening and it fuels this conservative propaganda dumpster fire.

Back to the point, when Trump began demonizing Mexican Immigrants it empowered white supremacy groups.  Now that this man is president, white supremacist terrorist organizations have never felt more empowered.  There are impressionable people, children and teenagers who are taught by our president and his supporters that hate for Mexican people is okay.  You’ve heard the stories, young white children ridiculing mexican children with chants of “build that wall” in the wake of the Trump presidency. That is fucked up. This irrational xenophobia is the catalyst and rhetoric of white terrorism.  The ideology that if someone isn’t like you, doesn’t worship like you, isn’t from the same country as you, isn’t the same complexion as you, it is okay to not like them, it is even okay to hate them. That turns into violence and it is something that has got to end.






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