GA-06 Special Election and why centrism isn’t going to beat republicans.

They’re calling it “the most expensive house race in U.S. history.” a special election to fill the house seat that was once held by former house speaker Newt Gingrich. Jon Ossoff a thirty year old moderate democrat versus Karen Handel a typical southern republican.

Georgia, being a typically red state, the democratic establishment sought to flip this seat in their favor. However, they decided to replicate the same formula that lost them the 2016 election: “Let’s pour money into a moderate candidate!” they said. While Jon Ossoff (in my opinion) is a far better house candidate than Clinton was a presidential candidate. He still did not support key positions that the New Democratic base now does.

Jon Ossoff did not support:

  1. Medicare for all
  2. $15 dollar minimum wage
  3. Ending prohibition on marijuana
  4. Tuition free public college

Look, the democrats for some odd reason continue to undermine the key ideas that got the fans of Bernie Sanders excited and also continue to support moderate candidates over progressive candidates.  The example that I am currently thinking of is Rob Quist whose underfunded campaign had a real shot at beating (amateur mixed martial artist) Greg Gianforte in Montana.

Alas, the DNC did not want to support a Berniecrat they wanted someone who would bend to the will of the establishment.  The democrats want another cog for their political machine, someone who appears a good, nice man/woman of the people but behind closed doors will bow to the political establishment, lobbyists and corporate masters.

Now you can argue that Berniecrat type candidates may want to abide to a people funded campaign or risk tarnishing their credibility. However, the DNC offered absolutely minimal help, even if the Quist campaign would’ve asked for their help they would’ve not have received nearly as much as a moderate like Ossoff. It is becoming a repeatedly failed formula, pour money into a moderate, ignore the progressives. Will the democratic establishment learn from this special election in this aspect? We can pray but my guess is that they won’t and they will continue to try the same thing over and over again and continue to ignore their current voting base.

Jon Ossoff lost to Karen Handel.



2 thoughts on “GA-06 Special Election and why centrism isn’t going to beat republicans.

  1. Also, DNC. A GOP woman is now in that seat. She claims to be pro choice (which is arguable, considering the position of the GOP on healthcare). What say you now to feminists? Why did you choose another white male who wasn’t even living in the district to run for that seat? THINK progressively, or we will make no progress. And stop calling it #Resistance is you’re going to continue to play white man’s politics.


    1. Im pretty sure she was pro-life. In either case I hear what you’re saying. However, I am not partial to idenity politics. I think what really matters is if the candidate is pursuing progressive goals and holds progressive positions. Yes it’d be preferred to have a woman or POC because of the fact theyre both underrepresented in the house but if Ossoff was a woman or black my position on him wouldn’t change. The policies he does and doesn’t support is what matters most to me


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